Jot Sticky Notes (Dollar Tree)

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When I moved into a new role recently, I discovered that my predecessor kept a cache of Post-it Notes. Some of them were your standard-sized square Post-its. Others were mini-sized versions that I’ve since found good use for.

On the other end of the size spectrum, I discovered a pad of 3-inch by 5-inch lined sticky notes. I wasn’t sure what to make of these, but I quickly discovered they could be quite useful in some situations. If I found, for example, that I needed to make more detailed notes about something but also needed to be able to stick it somewhere in view —  or attach it to a folder, document, or book — those larger ones could be quite valuable. I can get them easily enough through various office supply vendors, but I’ve also kept an eye out for them at local stores.

Lo and behold, I found them at a place I didn’t expect: Dollar Tree.

Jot Sticky Notes can be found at Dollar Tree. Jot is a Dollar Tree private label, and the packaging notes that these are distributed by DT company Greenbrier International. They are made in China.

The package comes with a single pad of 125 sticky notes and cost $1.25. That’s a penny per note, which makes it an inexpensive option for these kinds of memo pad-style notes compared to other alternatives.

Jot Sticky Notes (Dollar Tree)

Do they work? They’re okay. The paper quality is decent enough, and I was able to write on it with no problem. The sticky part of the note is not the stickiest I’ve found — these are passable at sticking to things, but the ones I’ve bought from office stores do a better job staying put, especially after repeated moving.

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The Verdict:

On paper (no pun intended), Jot Sticky Notes are a versatile and useful choice for when you need detailed notes that can also be stuck into place. The paper works all right and the lines are helpful. Plus, they’re only a penny a page. The stickiness leaves something to be desired, though, and for my money I would probably prefer a more robust name brand. That said, these might work for you if you’re on a budget and you mostly just need the stickiness to keep it from sliding around too much.

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