Trying to Contact a Dollar Store?

If you were sent a link to this page, it’s most likely because you contacted Dollar Store Reviewer asking for technical help. You may have even written to us thinking that we’re one of the dollar stores, or that we have a special connection to one.

We’re sorry to inform you that we’re not a dollar store, and we don’t have any inside connections to any of them.

Dollar Store Stock Banner

We’re not any of these.

We try very hard to let people know we’re not a dollar store. For one thing, our name is Dollar Store Reviewer and makes no mention of any specific dollar store, be it Dollar General, Dollar Tree, or Family Dollar. In addition, we make our role clear right at the top of our contact page, in boldface print. We also put it in our about page, and in many other places on our site, including the bottom of each and every page. Nevertheless, we still get emails from people thinking we’re a dollar store, or from people hoping we have a special inside connection to a dollar store.

So who are we? We’re a group of writers who independently review dollar store products. We’re not connected with any of those stores, and, sadly, we don’t have any special contacts. We’re our own site. So if you need help with a product, or want to know when one of them will restock a certain product, or want to tell one of them that certain product is really terrible … unfortunately, we can’t help you.

That’s a job for the dollar store you’re looking to contact. And to do that, we recommend you Google the store in question and then use their contact page.


The Dollar Store Reviewer team

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