When People Think We’re a Dollar Store

When People Think We're a Dollar Store

We’re not a dollar store. Our name doesn’t have Dollar General in it, or Family Dollar, or even Dollar Tree. We’re an independent review site, something we emphasize on our about page and at the bottom of our site.

Nevertheless, some people seem to think that we’re somehow connected with one of the dollar stores, because we occasionally get emails or comments treating us like we are. Sometimes we’re not even sure which dollar store they’re referring to. We usually delete those comments from the post they are commented on, and we don’t typically respond to the emails … but we do collect them.

Here, then, is a showcase of some of the best ones we’ve received over the last year. We’ve removed names, addresses, and phone numbers to protect the innocent. We have, however, left in every typo.

From an email we received from Louisiana:

I purchased 7 storage containers from Dollar General in [LOCATION]. I finally was able to get the labels cleaned off and was ready to use them. Upon putting ingredients in them I found that the containers could not be opened. I know, crazy!! They definitely seal but it is almost impossible to get them opened again. I purchased different containers they were more easily accessible. I bought 4 of the larger containers and 3 of the smaller ones. Can you please send me a refund for these items. I shop Dollar General all of the time so a gift card would be great. I have a picture but I do not see a way to attach. Thank you, [NAME]


From a commenter on our Dollar General Clover Valley Honey Nut Toasted Oats post:

We ordered 4 boxes of Honey Nut Cheerios & paid $13.28 and received Two boxes of pull-ups how did that happen?!! We will not be order anything else from you.

From a commenter on our Dollar General Clover Valley Toaster Pastries post:

My Family really loves your blueberry and Strawberry pop tarts and we are having a really hard time finding any of them at any of your Dollar general’s. Can I order them myself or when do you think you will have them in stock?

From a commenter on our Companies Behind the Dollar Store Private Labels post:

I want more of your beautiful solar lights. I got the only three butterfly table ones I saw. How could I order straight from you?

From another commenter on our Companies Behind the Dollar Store Private Labels post:

I bought 3 cans of your Homeline Bathroom cleaner, it works great for about half the can than it sputters and hardly spays. is there any way I can get to use the rest of your cleaner. I tried to run hot water on the nozzle thinking maybe soap cogged the opening, but it did no good. any suggestion would be appreciated. thank you.

From yet another commenter (this seems to happen a lot) on our Companies Behind the Dollar Store Private Labels post:

I bought a bag of heartland farms savory gravy recipe at dollar general 30lb bag it was full of mold. I would like a refund or replacement.

From an email:

Bought canning bands and lids for canning! Suspose to be 12 bands and lids!(Regular mouth) When started canning only had 10 bands and lids!!??   trueliving   number on bottom of box  4  30001 63332 5

From another email:

Hi, I often buy your seasonal gift boxes but there is never enough to buy….i make up themed gift boxes and I am wondering how do I order from you or have them ordered for my store in [LOCATION]??? Is this possible to place an individual order from you please?

Thank you for the call back please….



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