Clover Valley Fudge Mint Cookies (Dollar General)

Have you ever had a craving for Girl Scout cookies when it wasn’t Girl Scout cookie season? If your supply of Thin Mints has run out, you might turn to Keebler Grasshopper cookies, which are sold at most major grocery stores. Or you might run out to your local dollar store for the chocolatey, minty treats. Dollar Tree sells fudge mint cookies that are quite similar to Girl Scout Thin Mints. Dollar General also sells fudge mint cookies. Today, I’m looking at Dollar General’s take on America’s favorite Girl Scout cookie.

Clover Valley Fudge Mint Cookies

Clover Valley Fudge Mint Cookies cost $1.50 for a 9-ounce box at the time of publication, which comes out to about 17 cents per ounce. That’s a lot less than the official Girl Scout version, which can cost you upwards of $5 per box, although you are giving money to support Girl Scout projects and activities when you purchase Girl Scout cookies. The Dollar General cookies are also less than Keebler Grasshopper Mint & Fudge cookies, which cost around 26 cents per ounce at Walmart at the time of publication. However, the Dollar General cookies do cost more than Great Value Fudge Mint Cookies from Walmart, which were $1.32 for a 10-ounce package, or about 13 cents per ounce, at the time of publication.

These Dollar General Clover Valley Fudge Mint Cookies are kosher and are made in the U.S. with domestic and imported ingredients.

Ingredients are enriched wheat flour, sugar, vegetable oil, shortening, high fructose corn syrup, cocoa, cornstarch, salt, leavening, soy lecithin, and natural and artificial flavor.

Clover Valley Fudge Mint Cookies

Clover Valley Fudge Mint Cookies nutrition information and ingredients. (Click to enlarge.)

If you’re watching out for allergens, these contain soy and wheat. They may contain milk, peanuts, and coconut.

There are eight servings per package, and a four-cookie serving has 150 calories, 6 grams of total fat (8% DV), 4.5 grams of saturated fat (23% DV), no cholesterol, 120 mg of sodium (5% DV), 23 grams of total carbohydrates (8% DV), less than 1 gram of dietary fiber (2% DV), 11 grams of added sugars, and 1 gram of protein.

Clover Valley Fudge Mint Cookies

So, do these cookies really taste like Girl Scout Thin Mints?

They’re good cookies. They look similar to Girl Scout Thin Mints, at least on the outside. They also have the same crisp texture as Thin Mints. In terms of taste, my family thought these were slightly less minty than real Thin Mints. They also have a light yellow-ish color on the inside instead of a dark brown color like Girl Scout Thin Mints, and the inside of these cookies has hints of shortbread or buttery cookie flavor rather than deep, rich chocolate flavor.

Ultimately, these are similar but not identical to Girl Scout Thin Mints. They’re less minty, with a slight buttery flavor inside. But we like them and would definitely buy them again. Especially when it’s not Girl Scout cookie season and our stock of Thin Mints is gone. And, just as with real Thin Mints, these are excellent when chilled in the refrigerator.

The Verdict:

Clover Valley Fudge Mint Cookies are Dollar General’s attempt at imitating Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies. The mint flavor isn’t quite as strong compared to Thin Mints. These also have more of a buttery flavor inside rather than a chocolate flavor. With that said, these are great cookies that I wouldn’t hesitate to buy again.

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  1. No imitation…. In my opinion. I sold Girl Scout cookies in 70s and 80s these are the original GS thin mint recipe ( remember they were not chocolate inside) As much as I will alway support GS, For decades every time I purchased thin mints I remarked… remember when they tasted so good. Thanks CV either yall bought the old recipe or you just nailed it.😋

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