A List of Major Dollar Store Private Label House Brands

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Each of the Dollar stores has its own house brands. House brands, or private labels, are brands exclusive to that store. They’re not separate companies, but instead are labels that the dollar stores use to brand products they contract with suppliers to get. Like many companies with private labels, we don’t always know who the suppliers are behind the products. They could be a major supplier of brand name products, or they could be a supplier that specializes in generic products.

Either way, if you go into a dollar store, you’re likely to find some specific names on the shelves.

What follows is a list of those private labels for the three biggest dollar store chains. Keep in mind that dollar stores can and do change their labels, so this list could change over time. We’ll try to update it periodically to reflect those changes when they happen.

Dollar General

Breeze: The store’s private label for feminine hygiene products. They include pads and tampons.

Clover Valley: A wide-ranging DG brand for food and some drinks. We’ve seen Clover Valley labels on foods for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything in between. It’s also the DG label you’ll find on the store’s milk, on its salad dressings, and on various snacks and cookies.

DG Health: One of two Dollar General labels devoted to personal health care products. (The other, Rexall, is described farther down.) DG Health products include certain over-the-counter pills, over-the-counter allergy nasal spray, and mouthwash.

DG Home: Covers various home non-food products, including batteries, dishwasher detergent, and paper products like tissue, paper towels, and toilet paper. Some of these products have since been moved over to Dollar General’s TrueLiving brand, while others overlap with Smart & Simple.

DG Kids: As the name suggests, these are personal care products aimed at children. Our experience with DG Kids detangling spray has been mixed.

iMagine: The Dollar General office supply label. We’ve found iMagine pencils and erasers to work well enough.

Mission Ridge: The Dollar General label for denim jeans. We’ve tried them and found them lacking.

OT Revolution: One of the DG footwear brands. We did not like the shoes we tested but have had better luck with the slippers.

Rexall: Technically, Rexall is a brand of pharmaceutical giant McKesson, but in 2010 Dollar General signed an agreement to use the brand. Some health care products on DG’s shelves carry the Rexall name, including dental floss, while others are sold under DG Health.

Smart & Simple: Dollar General’s house brand for various kitchen and bath supplies, including plastic storage containers, freezer bags, paper towels, and cheap toilet paper.

Studio Selection: The Dollar General take on personal hygiene, including hair care, soaps and shampoos, skin care, and shaving. We’ve tried out the Studio Selection Body Wash and found it adequate.

TrueLiving: A catchall home brand that covers everything from lamps to facial tissue. There is some overlap between this brand and DG Home.

Dollar Tree

E-Circuit: The Dollar Tree home electronics line. Most of it is worth what you pay for, but we had modest success with cords and a little less success with earbuds.

Final Faction: A large brand of action figures and accessories all set in the same fictional world. Some of the larger products are also sold at Family Dollar.

Home Style Select: One of the Dollar Tree-exclusive food lines, including snacks. We thought the chips were okay; we were less enthusiastic about the dips.

Nature’s House: Another DT food brand, including certain snacks. We weren’t all that impressed with the peanuts.

Jot: The Dollar Tree office supply line. We’ve found the products to be passable.

Klar and Danver: Dollar Tree exclusive soaps, sanitizers, and body washes. We had reasonable success with the hand soap.

Family Dollar

Catawba: A Family Dollar brand for candy including gummy bears, gumdrops, starlight mints, and more.

Chestnut Hill: A wide-ranging label devoted to various food products, including soup, cereal, and condiments.

Eatz: The Family Dollar label for many of its snack foods, including peanuts and chips.

Homeline: A Family Dollar brand for certain home care products, including facial tissue.

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  1. Hi – can you please tell me what has happened to the Good & Smart protein shakes (vanilla)? These are the best out of all brands out there but for months now they have not been a available. Thanks for your time concerning this matter.
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