When People Think We’re a Dollar Store, Third Edition

When People Think We're a Dollar Store

The face we make when people ask us what kinds of gift cards we sell.

We’re not a dollar store. Our name doesn’t have Dollar General in it, or Family Dollar, or Dollar Tree, or any other store. We’re an independent review site that has no connection to any retailer. In case this isn’t obvious in our name, we also emphasize it on our about page, at the bottom of our site, and on our contact page.

In spite of all that, we get comments and emails from people who think we’re one of the dollar stores. Sometimes we’re not even sure which dollar store they’re referring to. Most of the time, we delete such comments, and we don’t typically respond to the emails.

But we do collect them.

Here are links to our previous editions:

Here, once more, is a showcase of some of the best ones we’ve received of late. We’ve removed names, addresses, and phone numbers to protect the innocent. We have, however, left in every typo.

From a comment on our Companies Behind the Dollar Store Private Labels post:

This paper you sell is not worth 1 penny. You can’t write on it with ink and it’s note paper

From a comment on our Companies Behind the Dollar Store Private Labels post:

I bought your studio selection makeup removing facial towelettes. After 2 nights usage, I noticed my face was very red and peeling!!! I don’t have the slip but wanted you too know! They were about 4 dollars for 10.00!
Lot no: 1k1nk2
Mfg: 102921
Exp: 102823

From a comment on our post on Whether Dollar General and Dollar Tree are the Same Company:

It is against the ADA (American Disability Act to not have a way to get your cart outside and not to have a push button to allow the person in. It is also against policy to allow dogs in the store. I will be filing a complaint with the ADA . And your manager Mike at store 3865 is very rude. Needs to be retrained. We will see how you like dealing withe the federal government. I also have pictures.

From a comment on our review of Home Style Select Potato Chips

If the H.S.S. brand has been discontinued at the Dollar Tree, where else is your brand located? How can I purchase it online? H.S.S. used yo be carried on Amazon Shopping.
That is all.
Thank you.


From a comment on our Companies Behind the Dollar Store Private Labels post:

The only come and I’m gonna leave it. I just bought my favorite paper towels essential prints from true living. They are now smaller than they were before thinner than they were before 292 ft.² which used to be 309 ft.² I would really like to know what you’re doing to the paper towels.

From a comment on our post about Clover Valley Original Beef Jerky:

It wld be nice if yall cld fill the bag with more than bits and pieces for the price. It might be cheaper than other brands but atleast they fill them more. Not to mention it’s way better than the others. Wanna sell more? Fill the bags more.

From a comment on our Where Does Dollar General Get Its Milk From? post:

Why does your milk taste like nasty water?

From a comment on our Homeline Facial Tissue post:

Hi I was let down with you tissue. Every time I blow my nose it goes right through it. Now I’m stuck with 3 boxes. There unless. I hope you start making them stronger. I’m going to use two now until gone. John

From a comment on our Companies Behind the Dollar Store Private Labels post:

What country do your food come from? Why don’t you put it on the packages? Many people like me WiLL NOT BUY THIS because we do not know where it came from and if it a safe company

From a comment on our post about Why Dollar Tree is the Best Place to Buy Greeting Cards:

What kind of gift cards do you have an can you send me pictures of them

From a comment on our Companies Behind the Dollar Store Private Labels post:

Your forever pals lightweight litter has so much dust lately. Have you changed product?

From a comment on our Smart & Simple Bath Tissue post:

Nall where the h is the Smart Simple Tissue in Va?! Ridiculous. Gone make a review on great affordable tissue but have a shortage on it?! Wow! Going on 3 months for me. Haven’t seen any in non of dollar generals!

From a comment on our Companies Behind the Dollar Store Private Labels post:

Today I am making bows to put on the gifts for the families our lodge has adopted this year. I purchased several rolls of your wide ribbon and have found that it is not below their nature at the facility you get these from to add a yard or more to the roll to make up for a short measure. This is extremely annoying as the wider ribbon needs the full yardage to get at least three ribbons. This is very disappointing. This should not be the practice.

From a comment on our Companies Behind the Dollar Store Private Labels post:

I have been buying sweet smile hard coffee candy for a few years now. The only candy that my mom 83 will eat, she love and i used to buy what they had in stock at my near by DG. Then i had to start checking other DGs because this one was no longer stocking them. This has been going on for about 6 months now, but I could always fine a bag or 2 in other stores. Now no one either have them in stock, still waiting for yhem to put them on the trucks. I really really want this coffee candy, why can’t I have them order for me? Can i order from you? I am not the only one that are looking for this candy. You would think something that is sold out all the time would be a good seller and have more on hand.

From a comment on our Companies Behind the Dollar Store Private Labels post:

I’m a loyal DG shopper especially for my baby girl’s treats. She loves the Heartland treats but I was recently dissatisfied with the Sweet Potatoes and Chicken wraps. I wish I could post a picture of your product not to embarrass or humiliate but for you to see what my hard earned money with the price of everything going up seems to be lower quality. My pet deserve the quality she is acustomed to not what it is now. She just looked at them like “What am I supposed to do with that”. I will continue to shop at dollar general just wanted to let you know. All 3bags were the same. Thank you

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  1. Not to be mean but this explains how so many people get scammed online.
    There appears to be complete lack research or awareness- why they think the COMMENTS section is how you reach out to ANY company?
    There appears people click on the first result after searching Google & have blind faith hence why they are easy targets for online scams

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