When People Think We’re a Dollar Store, Fourth Edition

When People Think We're a Dollar Store

The face we make when someone tells us “our” laundry detergent made them break out in a full-body rash.

We’re not a dollar store. Our name doesn’t have Dollar General in it, or Family Dollar, or Dollar Tree, or any other store. We’re an independent review site that has no connection to any retailer. In case this isn’t obvious in our name, we also emphasize it on our about page, at the bottom of our site, and on our contact page.

In spite of all that, we get comments and emails from people who think we’re one of the dollar stores. Sometimes we’re not even sure which dollar store they’re referring to. Most of the time, we delete such comments, and we don’t typically respond to the emails.

But we do collect them.

Here are links to our previous editions:

Here, once more, is a showcase of some of the best ones we’ve received of late. We’ve removed names, addresses, and phone numbers to protect the innocent. We have, however, left in every typo.

From a comment on our post about the companies behind the dollar store labels: 

Hi with all do Respect a lot of products sold in your stores are good values, especially for hard working people working on a budget raising families. But I will tell you something about one of your products that is a total waste of money. ( DG / home zipper sandwich) sandwich bags. Do you have anyone in a Quality Control Roll that tests products you sell? You should. These are a total waste of money. If you can get one open your lucky. Made in Cambodia, you can tell. I would be ashamed selling a product of this quality.
With All Respect to Your Company

From a commenter: 

I have just bought a jar of your (Clover Valley, roasted & salted sunflower kernels) and they taste terrible and smell bad. It is as I.25 oz jar.
The seal was in place.
The best by : date is 12/22/2023
The numbers under it are 22F2 875 0 09 27
Bar code numbers are 7. 53519 46875. 4
Please fix this.

[Full name]

[Full address]

From a comment on our Dollar Tree L.A.’s Totally Awesome Laundry Detergent post: 

Your laundry detergent made me break out in a rash all over my body. I’m telling everyone I know not to buy this trash.

From a comment on our Dollar General TrueLiving Facial Tissues post: 

I noticed your small box tissues with lotion are much more useful than most tissues as there is an extralayer of tissue compared to others (DG brand) but there is no indication of how may tissues are in a box. Could you email me back that info, also for your larger box of tissues of the actual count. Thank you for getting back to me.

From a comment on our post about companies behind the dollar store private labels: 

HI Purchased a bottle of your all purpose cleaning vinegar.
There is nothing on the label that gives the percentage of the solution. I called the number on the label and the lady did not understand my question. I gave her my name and when I asked she asked for the bar code The all she did was keep asking my name. So writing to you to find out the strength of the vinegar solution you sell

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