Dollar Tree Party Supplies

When you’re planning a party, you need supplies. There’s everything from invitations to food and drinks to serving ware to, potentially, party entertainment. Another item on your shopping list might be party decorations. You might want banners, streamers, posters or signs, centerpieces, or more.

I’ve hosted a few parties over the years, and I’ve discovered that one of the best places to get affordable party decorations and party supplies is Dollar Tree. Whether you’re planning for a birthday, graduation, bridal shower, baby shower, wedding, anniversary, or just a fun gathering, the deep discounter offers all sorts of supplies for your next gathering, all for just $1.25 each.

I took a walk through the party supply aisle at one of my local Dollar Tree stores recently, and here’s a sampling of what I found:

Paper Plates, Plastic Silverware, Paper Napkins, and Tablecloths

Dollar Tree party supplies

In addition to regular paper plates and dinnerware, Dollar Tree stocks disposable party dinnerware and tablecloths in a variety of colors and sizes. I like how they’re sold in assorted solid primary colors to fit whatever your color scheme or décor theme is. There’s a lot to choose from, and these are good for any event but could be especially nice if you’re hosting a graduation party and want to use school colors.

Serving Ware and Plastic Cups

Dollar Tree party supplies

Dollar Tree stocks large clear plastic serving bowls and platters in different sizes so you can assemble the perfect charcuterie board or cookie tray for your gathering. They also have clear plastic cups in all styles and sizes for serving punch or your drink of choice.

Cake Decorating Accessories

Dollar Tree party supplies

If you’re making your own cake for a shower, birthday, anniversary, or holiday, DT stocks icing and frosting in different colors along with assorted sprinkles and even googly candy eyes. They also sell cake decorating kits that include frosting tips, cake spatulas, icing combs, brushes, and more.

Birthday Party Supplies

Dollar Tree party supplies

Dollar Tree party supplies

Dollar Tree sells birthday party decorations such as banners, tablecloths, and signs. They also sell paper plates, cups, and napkins to match. Themes I spotted in my local DT included birthday princess, dinosaurs, video games, and general birthday.

Balloons and Candles

Dollar Tree party supplies

Dollar Tree stocks a wide range of latex balloons in different color themes and sizes. Besides solid-colored latex balloons, I also found smiley face and polka dot latex balloons. Some Dollar Tree stores also sell helium-filled balloons, although some of my local stores currently don’t have helium in stock due to a shortage.

Dollar Tree also sells birthday candles in all shapes, sizes, and colors. They range from standard stick candles in primary and pastel colors (with some coated in glitter) to candles that spell “happy birthday” or look like a princess crown. Some candles say “birthday boy” or “birthday girl,” and some candles are numbers so you can customize the guest of honor’s cake.

General Hanging Decorations

Dollar Tree party supplies

Dollar Tree party supplies

You’ll find everything from cupcake or ice cream hanging decorations to balls, flowers, geometric shapes, and stars. I also saw garlands of all kinds with pom-poms and various shapes, along with happy birthday garlands and signs.

Birthday Banners, Inflatable Décor, Party Invitations, and Confetti

Dollar Tree party supplies

Dollar Tree sells inexpensive birthday banners and lots of confetti in different sizes and shapes. I also found inflatable mermaid tails among the party supplies.

Party Favors and Surprises

Dollar Tree party supplies

One of the fun things about kid birthday parties is when guests get to bring home their own goodie bags. Dollar Tree helps you pack party favor bags without breaking the budget. They’ve got decorative straws and crazy straws, generic Slinkies, horns and blowers, barrettes, rings, pencils, party hats, bead necklaces, and more. Don’t forget to also check in the regular toy aisle for more party favors such as glow sticks and small toys. The school supply aisle also has fun pencils, erasers, and more that can be passed out as party favors.

Bridal Shower and Wedding Decorations

Dollar Tree party supplies

If you’re planning a bridal shower, bachelorette party, or wedding, don’t overlook Dollar Tree. They’ve got “Miss to Mrs.” banners, inflatable banners that say “bride,” bride and groom favor bags and favor boxes, kitschy bride headbands, and more. I also saw some anniversary banners, for celebrating all the years that come after the wedding day.

Baby Shower Decorations

Dollar Tree party supplies

Who doesn’t love a baby shower? And Dollar Tree has all you need, including “It’s a girl!” or “It’s a boy!” banners and garlands, along with gender-neutral banners. There are cake toppers, favor boxes, and party invitations. I also saw rubber duckies in pink, blue, and yellow.

Gift Wrap, Gift Bags, and Bows

Dollar Tree party supplies

You’ll probably be bringing a gift along to a shower, wedding, or birthday party, and you’ll need something to package your gift in. Dollar Tree sells rolls of gift wrap along with decorative gift bags and bows and ribbons of all types.

What party supplies have you purchased from Dollar Tree? What are your favorites? Let us know in the comments. 

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