Palmer Hot Chocolate Bomb (Dollar Tree)

Last Updated on July 9, 2023

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Hot chocolate bombs have become a thing over the last couple of years. A hot chocolate bomb is a hollow chocolate shell filled with chocolate and mini marshmallows. You drop the bomb into a mug, pour warm milk over it, and watch it “explode” and melt, and with a little stirring you have yourself a nice cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows.

You can buy hot cocoa bombs in a lot of stores, including Aldi, Trader Joe’s, and other grocery stores. Cocoa bombs at Aldi and Trader Joe’s both cost $1.99 each, which isn’t bad considering that their cocoa bombs are large and shaped like snowman. If you want something a little simpler and little cheaper, though, you can also find hot chocolate bombs at Dollar Tree.

Palmer Hot Chocolate Bomb

The Palmer Hot Chocolate Bomb cost $1 at Dollar Tree. You might also find this at Party City, but it costs an additional 50 cents. I also found this online at Walmart and Amazon, but you’ll pay a lot more through those retailers.

Palmer — also known as R.M. Palmer — is a U.S.-based candy company that is not exclusive to Dollar Tree. Palmer sells a variety of chocolate products, which can be found in many different retailers from dollar stores to big box stores.

The package describes this as a “chocolaty hollow filled with mini marshmallows.”

Palmer Hot Chocolate Bomb

Palmer Hot Chocolate Bomb nutrition information and ingredients, along with a handy built-in gift label. (Click to enlarge.)

Ingredients are sugar, hydrogenated vegetable oil (palm kernel and/or palm), marshmallows (sugar, corn syrup, dextrose, modified food starch [corn], gelatin, and artificial and natural flavor), whey, cocoa (processed with alkalai), lactose, skim milk, soy lecithin (emulsifier), and vanillin (artificial flavor).

If you’re watching out for allergens, this contains milk and soy. It was manufactured on equipment that processes wheat, peanut butter, and almonds.

One serving has 190 calories, 10 grams of total fat (13% DV), 9 grams of saturated fat (45% DV), 20 mg of sodium (1% DV), 23 grams of total carbohydrates (8% DV), 21 grams of added sugars (42% DV), and 1 gram of protein.

That’s all before you add milk, so consider the calories and nutrition content for the milk when you make this treat.

Palmer Hot Chocolate Bomb

Hot chocolate bomb before making hot chocolate.

To make hot cocoa using this hot chocolate bomb, take the bomb out of the box and place it in a mug. Then pour 8 ounces of warm or hot milk over the hot chocolate bomb and watch it dissolve. Stir, watch the marshmallows appear, and enjoy.

When I tried this hot chocolate bomb, it took a little longer to melt in warm milk compared to other cocoa bombs I’ve recently enjoyed, including ones from Aldi and Trader Joe’s.

This hot chocolate bomb turned out to be very disappointing in terms of taste. It has almost no chocolate flavor. When melted into a cup of warm milk, it tastes mostly like warm milk with a few mini marshmallows floating in it. It was so lacking in flavor that neither my husband nor I wanted to finish it, and we ended up dumping it down the kitchen sink.

The Verdict:

The Palmer Hot Chocolate Bomb is inexpensive and looks like it has the potential to be good because it’s a recognizable brand, but it’s well worth spending extra to purchase a better cocoa bomb. This Palmer bomb lacks flavor. When melted in warm milk, there is hardly any chocolate flavor. This is one product we won’t buy again.

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