PSA: Dollar Tree Has a Teacher’s Corner

Every new classroom is a blank canvas. When a teacher first sets foot in their new room, all they can see are possibilities. But with time, and effort, that blank canvas can become a full-blown piece of art, complete with color, style, nuance, and, most importantly, elements that promote a learning community.

Setting up a classroom can also be intimidating. What do I need? Where will I put it? How can I arrange things in a way that will look right, be accessible, and accomplish what I want to accomplish?

No less important: where can I find what I need to set up my classroom?

Every teacher figures out their go-to places for classroom supplies. Sometimes it’s obvious, like big box stores, while other times it’s not. Some communities have stores or even charities devoted to school supplies, while for other areas, there’s very little. It really depends.

You might not instantly think of Dollar Tree as a place to get school supplies. When you stop and think about it, though, it does make sense. Everything there is the same flat price — currently $1.25 — so the only sticker shock a buyer will get is if they buy too much. (Which is, we admit, very possible for a teacher to do.) So you can get a fair amount of bang for your buck.

There are a few sections in DT that might be of interest to a teacher. That includes the office supply section (any teacher will tell you that pencils are an always-vanishing commodity), a section for items like tissue, electronics for those cheap cables and earbuds, cheap snacks, and plenty of seasonal fare. Teachers of younger children can even score toys and other trinkets for rewards or incentives.

Many Dollar Tree stores also have something even more fun: a dedicated teacher section.


This section can vary by store size and location. In our local store, we found a small collection of classroom supplies. Most of it was aimed toward the elementary crowd, although secondary teachers might find a gem or two in there somewhere.

Items include flash cards, particularly in math, English, and science.

You might also find accessories for your bulletin board or wall.

And, of course, you might also get your hands on stickers, maps, and plenty more.

So if you’re an educator (be it public, private, or homeschool) and you’re in the market for a few new items for your learning space, Dollar Tree might have a few things to offer.

Happy hunting!

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  1. Hi I’m at PARSONS Ks, we don’t have the Teacher’s corner anymore.

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