Fashion Doll Dollhouse Activity Kit (Dollar Tree)

Dollhouses are expensive these days. The most popular houses — including Barbie Dreamhouses, L.O.L. Surprise houses, and the new Rainbow High Dorm — can go over $200 on sites like Target. If you are interested in finding a house for your dolls, Dollar Tree may be the last place you would look, but they do have something that may fit your needs.

Dollar Tree Dollhouse Activity Kit 1Dollar Tree has a line that is simply called “Fashion Doll” that sells dolls, clothing, and styling heads. Along with these, they sell what they call a Dollhouse Activity Kit, which shows one of their knockoff dolls on the front, though it says it can work with any 11 ½ inch doll. There are four different rooms of a house to collect, each for $1.25. The office/front door, the bedroom, the living room, and the kitchen. I purchased three of them to see how they held up.

Dollar Tree Dollhouse Activity Kit 2Each of the rooms is a reversible cardboard trifold. The opposite side on each of the rooms is some kind of outdoor scene, like a garden or barbecue. Along with the room, each set comes with three sets of stickers to customize the rooms, and three buildables.

Dollar Tree Dollhouse Activity Kit 4The buildables are…. interesting. All of the sets come with both a dog and cat. The only difference between all of them are the colors. The stands for them are a little wobbly, but you can get them to stay relatively easily. The office comes with a rose bush buildable, and it stands fine.

Unfortunately, both the bedroom and the living room come with a third buildable that doesn’t stand right at all. The bedroom has a small seat, and the living room has a coffee table. The way the legs are shaped made them incredibly hard to stand. We eventually made it work, but they are both tilted to one side, so that was kind of a disappointment.

Dollar Tree Dollhouse Activity Kit 3

The stickers are a surprisingly fun detail. The rooms are pretty bare without them, so I like how much you can customize these rooms. There are stickers for both the inside and outside on each trifold. I haven’t tried the stickers yet, but since this is a dollar store item, I’m just going to assume they are permanent.

The Verdict:

The Dollar Tree Dollhouse Activity Kit is a solid buy. Aside from the table and seat not working, everything else does what it is supposed to. You could always use other doll furniture to furnish this house as well. If you don’t want to spend several hundred dollars on a name brand dollhouse, this would 100% be something to consider.

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