Halloween Decorations at Dollar Tree

It’s fall, and that means Halloween is just around the corner. I’m seeing plenty of fall decorations at retailers from Aldi to big box stores such as Walmart and Target. Some people may be satisfied with general autumn decorations such as scarecrows and pumpkins, while others want the spooky stuff such as witches, bats, and skeletons. Dollar Tree sells a wide selection of both fall decorations and Halloween decorations during this time of year.

That’s right. The store where everything is $1.25 has everything you need to get into the Halloween spirit without breaking your budget.

What follows are just a few of the Halloween products I spotted during a recent shopping trip at one of my local Dollar Tree stores.

Ghosts, Goblins, Tombstones, and Scary Signs

Halloween decorations at Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree has hanging decorations including ghosts and monsters, perfect for displaying from a porch or a tree branch. I also found foam tombstones to plant in your lawn, along with spooky signs with phrases such as “beware” or “go back!”

Chains, Skeletons, and Assorted Bones

Halloween decorations at Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree has medium-sized complete “human” skeletons along with miniature human skeletons, assorted arm bones and tiny skulls, and even bat skeletons. I also spotted plastic chains.

Spooky and Whimsical Hanging Signs

Halloween decorations at Dollar Tree

If you want colorful wall signs or signs for your front door or porch, Dollar Tree has a nice selection. These signs say everything from “The neighbors have good candy” to “Happy Halloween. Please stop in for a spell” to “Just creepin’ it real.” I also found pieces that feature several phrases on one sign, including “wicked witch, cast a spell, toil & trouble, Salem brooms, mystical brews, black cats” or “trick or treat, fright this way, ghosts & goblins, happy Halloween, jack-o-lanterns, happy haunting.”

Sugar Skulls and Day of the Dead Décor

Halloween decorations at Dollar Tree

Traditionally celebrated on November 1st and 2nd, the Day of the Dead or Día de los Muertos is a holiday with Mexican origins that celebrates and remembers deceased family and friends. Skulls are commonly used in décor during this holiday, and especially brightly colored skulls. Dollar Tree has hanging decorations, scarves, and tote bags all featuring skulls for the Day of the Dead.

Tote Bags for Trick or Treating

Halloween Decorations at Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree has a wide variety of fabric bags that are great for collecting candy during trick or treating, or you could give them out as party favors, or use them however you’d like. Some of the bags are traditional tote bags with two cloth handles for carrying, while others are drawstring or cinch bags that can be worn similar to backpacks. I spotted bags in all kinds of colors with cat and jack-o-lantern themes at my local store, along with bags with general Halloween themes with bats, ghosts, witches, pumpkins, skeletons, Frankenstein, skulls, spiders, and more. And don’t worry … these bag are all big enough to hold a lot of candy!

Sipper Cups, Goblets, Bowls, and Partyware

Halloween decorations at Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree has cute plastic sipper cups with straws and lids with Frankenstein, Dracula, jack-o-lantern, or skull themes. I also found traditional open-topped plastic cups in Halloween designs along with plastic colored goblets with skeletons hands around them. Any of these cups would be fun to give out as party favors. In addition, you’ll find Halloween-themed paper plates, napkins, party streamers, and more at the dollar store.

Halloween Party Favors

Halloween decorations at Dollar Tree

Besides fun plastic cups as party favors, Dollar Tree stocks a lot of other small trinkets, including erasers, pencils, paddles with balls, stencils, pens, plastic mazes with balls, plastic spider rings, small skulls, and more. These can be given out everywhere from class parties to home celebrations, or they can be dropped into trick or treat bags as an alternative to candy.

Window Clings

Halloween decorations at Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree has both the semi-transparent gel-style window clings as well as non-transparent plastic clings. You’ll find whimsical witches, skeletons, and ghosts along with pumpkins, cats, and phrases such as “boo!” and “trick or treat yourself.” These clings can be positioned on practically any window, from a home window to an office window to a door or even on a mirror.

Wooden Crafts for Painting or Coloring

Halloween decorations at Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree is a hidden gem when it comes to inexpensive craft supplies, and when Halloween rolls around, they sell various wooden decorations you can customize with paint. Decorations include hanging signs that look like jack-o-lanterns, cats with pumpkins, witches with cauldrons, or hanging signs that say “wicked” or “happy Halloween” or “trick or treat.” I also found small tabletop wooden decorations shaped like ghosts, haunted houses, skulls and crossbones, or jack-o-lanterns. Dollar Tree sells paint year round that you can use with the wooden decorations. I also found children’s craft kits that come with wooden plaques with Halloween-themed pictures and a pack of colorful markers.

Halloween Candy

Halloween decorations at Dollar Tree

They’re not Halloween decorations, but I couldn’t end without talking about the Halloween candy Dollar Tree stocks this time of year. I found bag of lollipops and other assorted candy for trick or treaters along with bags of cotton candy and candy corn. If you’re looking for budget-friendly Halloween candy, take a look at Dollar Tree.

What Halloween decorations (or Halloween candy) have you bought at Dollar Tree? Let us know in the comments below. 

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