Craft Supplies at Dollar Tree

Craft supplies at Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree can be a surprisingly good place to buy supplies for certain hobbies or professions. The dollar store stocks gardening products in the spring, as well as small fitness accessories and items to stock your teaching classroom.

Dollar Tree is also an underrated place to purchase craft supplies of all kinds for $1.25 per piece or per package, depending on what you’re buying. The aisle that contains craft supplies is large and has more variety than you might expect. During a recent shopping trip at Dollar Tree, I spotted all kinds of craft and art supplies, including paint, paintbrushes, craft hoops, stencil wheels, glitter, pipe cleaners, metal tags, beads, tape, organizer boxes, pom-poms, patches, wooden items ready to paint, stickers, canvas panels, stretched canvas, felt rolls, and more.

Not to mention Dollar Tree sells all kinds of school and teaching supplies that overlap with many crafting projects, whether you need pencils, pens, markers, scissors, glue, poster board, foam board, various types of paper, letter cutouts, and more.

Most of the craft items at Dollar Tree are sold under the Crafter’s Square label. Walmart sells some products labeled Crafter’s Square, but the brand appears to primarily be a Dollar Tree private label. In fact, Dollar Tree announced that it expanded its Crafter’s Square product line in early 2021 in response to demand for craft supplies created by at-home learning and more people looking for entertainment at home during the pandemic.

Scroll down to see what kinds of craft supplies I found at my local Dollar Tree.

You’ll find twine, wooden or felt numbers, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, wooden clothespins, glass beads, magnetic buttons, bamboo rings perfect for embroidery or cross stitch, squeeze applicator bottles, sequins, glitter, finger protectors, stretch lace, faux snow, chalkboard tag clothespins, plain and colored craft sticks, and craft knife sets.

Craft supplies at Dollar Tree

You may also find chalkboard tags, embossing tools, craft spatulas, craft scrapers, pop dot tape, double sided tape, detailing scissors, laser-cut wooden words, aprons, galvanized letters and numbers, and paint tray sets.

Craft supplies at Dollar Tree

In addition, my Dollar Tree sells poster paint, finger paint, acrylic paint, Crayola washable paint, and chalk writers.

Craft supplies at Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree also sells stickers galore. Stickers come in a variety of themes that are perfect for scrapbooking or other projects. Themes include letters and numbers in different styles, sports, birthday, animals, friends, family, flowers, food, hot air balloons, llamas, antiques, nature, breast cancer, and more.

Craft supplies at Dollar Tree

Finally, my local Dollar Tree also sells a variety of wooden hanging décor that is ready to paint, including small boxes, signs, animals, flowers, and more. Some wooden kits even include small pots of paint, but if they don’t, there’s plenty of paint sold separately in the Dollar Tree craft aisle.

Craft supplies at Dollar Tree

The Verdict:

Craft supplies can get expensive when you’re buying them from big box retailers or online, but Dollar Tree sells a wide variety of craft supplies for just $1.25. If you need paint, wooden ready-to-paint kits, bamboo hoops for embroidery or cross stitch, beads for bracelet making, felt for sewing projects, stickers for scrapbooking, or other simple crafting products, it’s worth hitting up the craft corner at your local Dollar Tree to see what kinds of deals you can score.

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  1. Catherine A. McClarey

    Don’t forget the yarn at Dollar Tree! The Just Yarn/Just Chenille/Just Cotton/etc. is made by Premier and is quite good. The Crafter’s Secret is sometimes a bit thinner and not in as many colors, but is decent as well. The plastic crochet hooks don’t seem all that sturdy, but aren’t bad as starter hooks for someone new to crochet. The rubber-handled aluminum hooks would be a great bargain for someone interested in ergonomic hooks, although I haven’t yet used the ones I bought at Dollar Tree, and so can’t yet compare them to more expensive ergonomic hooks. (No opinion on the knitting needles at Dollar Tree, as I don’t knit.) There have been a LOT of reviews of Dollar Tree yarn on YouTube, mostly pretty positive. It’s a great way for knitters and crocheters to continue buying new yarn on a tight budget, and superb for new-to-the-hobby crafters not yet ready to commit to big-bucks yarn purchases.

    • I have not used my hooks from Dollar Tree either. I can’t find the aluminum crochet hooks in Dollar Tree for nothing.

      • Catherine McClarey

        It really depends on the Dollar Tree. I usually go to the Dollar Trees in Pontiac or Morris, IL for craft supplies, but occasionally get to other Dollar Trees on weekend shopping trips, and always check the crafts aisle in each store. I think the aluminum Dollar Tree hooks I found were some at one store and some at another. I didn’t include Dollar Tree crochet hooks in the “learn to crochet” kits I assembled as part of our town’s annual Christmas charity (I got a rare good buy from an online vendor on hooks); however, I did include Dollar Tree yarn, figuring that’s what school-age girls could afford to buy themselves.

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