Farm Animals and Dogs/Cats Tubes (Dollar Tree)

Last Updated on July 9, 2023

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I love animals. I have about a thousand animal figures, and when I saw these animal figures in Dollar Tree, I thought they might be worth getting.

Farm Animals and Dogs / Cats Tubes (Dollar Tree)

Farm animals on the left, cats and dogs on the right.

I got two of the sets, one of them the 10-Pack Farm Animals, and one the 10-Pack Dogs/Cats. These cost $1.25 each, as everything at Dollar Tree does. They were made in China.

I thought it was worth mentioning that they’re basically cheap Dollar Tree knockoffs of the Safari Ltd. Toob animals you see everywhere, including on Amazon. Name brand Toob animal packs usually cost at least $10 and up in most places. The Dollar Tree animals don’t have too many details compared to Toob figures. The largest figure in the Dollar Tree packs is in the farm animal set and is about an inch, including the head sticking up some.

Farm Animals Tube (Dollar Tree)

Farm animals.

The farm set includes:

  • One goat
  • One pig
  • One dog
  • Two cows (calf and adult)
  • Two horses (foal and adult)
  • Three sheep (one male, one female, one lamb)
Farm Animals Tube (Dollar Tree)

Why, Dollar Tree? Why?

Make of it what you will, but the adult horse has Greenbrier International Inc. printed on its side. One of the dogs in the cat/dog set has this feature as well. It’s incredibly noticeable, but I’ve seen other Dollar Tree items with this, so it isn’t completely shocking.

Cat / Dog Tube (Dollar Tree)

Cats and dogs.

The cat/dog set includes:

  • Four cats (two sitting, two standing)
  • Six dogs (all standing)

I think that they could’ve put five of each animal in the cat and dog set, but if they’re just put in randomly then that probably won’t happen. I would list the dog breeds, but, me being a cat person, I couldn’t tell you half of them.

They have several flaws, such as a few of the figures refuse to stand, and after the two minutes you spend getting them to stay up you find that they have weird leg shapes, so they almost look as if they just ran into a wall and got dizzy. Their poses are mostly the same, either running, standing, or, just for the cats, sitting.

Another thing of note is the sizes. The cats are all bigger than the sheep and the cows, and they’re even bigger than the horse foal, which is fairly large. The cats are also the thickest, and their fur pattern feels the most realistic of them all. The cat’s noses are a bit weird, but I think they’re actually pretty adorable.

In addition, none of the animals has much color variety, as in the eyes are the same color as the rest of their bodies, and only three of them (both cows and the adult horse) have more than one color. The animals are made in four colors: black, chestnut, light brown/yellow, and white.

As for durability, I’m guessing they’re about average. The plastic isn’t particularly hard or soft, just in between. The legs and tails on some of them bend a little, so don’t let children go throwing them across a room or anything. Some of them feel stronger than others, and some, like the cats, have texture. They all have fur patterns and they genuinely aren’t anything fancy.

There was another set I didn’t get that was all horses, but I suspect it’s similar to the ones I got in terms of colors and stability.

My personal opinion is they’re pretty simple, although if you’re looking for cheap tube animals just to arrange and play with, they would work fine. They’d also be great party favors, if you wanted something cheap and convenient.

The Verdict:

These Farm Animals and Dog/Cat tubes at Dollar General are generic versions of Safari Ltd. Toob animals. Overall, these would be great for party favors, and all in all, I think they’re about what you’d expect for $1.25.

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