What Barbie Furniture Does Dollar Tree Sell?

As an extreme discounter, Dollar Tree is home to some very inexpensive products. Some are better than others. Nowhere is this more true than in the Dollar Tree toy aisle. I’ve seen everything from cheap name-brand toy knockoffs that definitely leave something to be desired, and I’ve also seen some toy sets that are surprisingly good.

If you have kids in your life who enjoy playing with Barbie dolls, Dollar Tree sells quite a few generic dolls along with clothing and some interesting accessories. Among my more interesting Barbie-related Dollar Tree finds was a cardboard dollhouse playset that features foldable, portable rooms with cardboard accessories and stickers for customization. It’s not a Barbie Dreamhouse, but it’s still kind of cool.

During a recent visit to some of my local Dollar Tree stores, I also discovered they sell some simple pieces of plastic doll furniture for Barbie-sized dolls. It’s not high-end Barbie furniture, but it’s cute and could help to outfit a dollhouse for a child. You could even buy a few pieces of DT Barbie furniture to supplement what name-brand Barbie furniture you might already have.

Here’s a look at what kinds of Barbie furniture I found at my area Dollar Trees. The selection may vary at your local stores. I found these items at two different Dollar Tree stores, and some products were only at one store and not at another, so it might pay to shop around some if you’re looking for maximum variety.

All of these cost $1.25 each, which means you can furnish a dollhouse for very little money.

Dollar Tree Barbie Furniture

Doll loveseat and chairs at Dollar Tree.

For the living room, Dollar Tree sells a pink loveseat/armchair for dolls, along with a two-pack of basic purple chairs with no arms.

Dollar Tree Barbie Furniture

Dollar Tree Barbie bed.

For the bedroom, Dollar Tree sells a purple doll bed with a headboard. The bed features a molded-on pillow and blanket.

Dollar Tree Barbie Furniture

Barbie can get a bathtub and toilet at Dollar Tree.

In addition, I found a bathtub and a toilet so Barbie can have a fully outfitted bathroom.

Dollar Tree Barbie Furniture

Dollar Tree sells all kinds of clothing for Barbie-sized dolls, and they also sell a fashion doll closet where you can store some of that clothing.

Dollar Tree Barbie Furniture

Outdoor table and chair set on the left, patio table umbrella on the right.

Dollar Tree also sells doll furniture for Barbie’s patio, including a pink-topped table and some white chairs that require a little assembly. There’s also a red-and-white striped umbrella that is sold separately and goes with the patio table.

Dollar Tree Barbie Furniture

Chaise lounge and end table on the left, barbecue grill on the right.

Dollar Tree also sells a patio lounger or chaise and small end table that match the patio table. In addition, you can buy a pink barbecue grill so Barbie can cook food to serve at the patio table.

Dollar Tree Barbie Furniture

I found this little slide for smaller-sized Barbie dolls. The back of the package indicates that this product line also includes a small swing set, but I didn’t see that in any of my local Dollar Tree stores.

Dollar Tree Barbie Furniture

Barbie jet ski on the left and kayak on the right.

And finally, while it’s not necessarily furniture, some of my favorite items I spotted at Dollar Tree are this Barbie-sized jet ski and Barbie-sized kayak. These are perfect for all kinds of outdoor doll adventures, and because they’re plastic, they’re great in the swimming pool or bath tub.

What kinds of dolls and doll accessories have you purchased at Dollar Tree? How do you like them? Is the tradeoff you sometimes get in quality worth the lower price? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. 

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  1. I bought the bed and couch for my granddaughter last week, I also saw some of the other items you showed. the furniture I bought is very sturdy and well made, I was glad to see them have these.

  2. Catherine A. McClarey

    I was buying Barbies and accessories for multiple girls in the same family for our town’s annual Christmas charity drive a couple of years ago, and bought a couple of those cardboard fold-out “dollhouse rooms” at Dollar Tree then. Although I bought the Barbies themselves at a Walmart, getting the Barbie clothes and accessories at Dollar Tree was a great way to stretch the limited gift-buying budget I had to work with!

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