Fashion Doll Outfits (Dollar Tree)

A while back, I reviewed the Dollar Tree Fashion Doll, and I thought that was it. But recently, I stumbled upon outfit packs made by the same brand to fit the doll I already had. These instantly reminded me of Barbie Fashion packs, so I picked a couple of them to check out.

Dollar Tree Fashion Doll Outfits

Formal outfit on the left, casual outfit on the right.

All of these packs are $1.25, which is the price of everything at Dollar Tree right now. I picked up a more casual outfit, along with a more formal outfit. They also had ballgowns, though they didn’t come with any shoes or accessories, so I passed on those for now.

Inside the packaging, the outfits look nice.

Dollar Tree Fashion Doll Outfits

A Dollar Tree doll in the formal outfit.

The formal outfit comes with a rainbow dress, a white fur shrug of sorts, white heels with flower details, and a white purse. When I took the dress out, I noticed that there was a plastic dress form under it. I was surprised and appreciative that they included this, since it helps to give the dress a shape. There is a small piece of Velcro in the back of the dress. My only complaint, and it’s a relatively big complaint, is that there is a pink strap around the neck of the dress that is so small that it doesn’t fit over the doll’s head. Because of this, the dress doesn’t stay on well. The shrug was fine and I didn’t have any problems with it. It simply attaches with Velcro. I had the same thoughts about the purse. Nothing exceptional; it just looks like a Barbie purse. The shoes don’t stay on great, so you should probably just use the shoes the fashion doll originally came with, but I would say it’s not a bad buy.

Dollar Tree Fashion Doll Outfits

A Dollar Tree doll in the casual outfit.

The casual outfit came with the same shoes and purse, just in purple. It came with a white athletic-style shirt, with sparkly purple pants. This outfit was definitely better. Though the shoes didn’t fit like with the other outfit, the shirt and pants fit perfectly, and this would be a better outfit for the dolls to wear if a child is playing with it.

The Verdict:

I think these outfits are solid, especially the second one. Because the dolls have a different body shape than Barbies, Dollar Tree is basically making you buy their clothes for those dolls, which is smart on their part. I feel like I always end on the same note, but it’s true for a lot of Dollar Tree products, including many of their toys, which is that I say go for it, but know that the quality that you’re getting is for $1.25.

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  1. I have purchased many of the Barbie Outfits (shirts, pants, skirts, Dresses) for Barbie dolls. I have found Some of the Shirts and Dresses have to be Modified to fit the actual Barbie. To Me the Dollar Tree Barbie Clothes are worth the modifications. The children I give them to get a Barbie and Clothes to play with. It is a Joy to me to see my Granddaughter change her Barbie in to Dollar Tree dress and then shirs and Pants. I think the Barbie Dollar Tree Clothes are Worth my efforts.

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