April Bath & Shower Vanilla & Cinnamon Scented Shower Gel (Dollar Tree)

Last Updated on July 9, 2023

Dollar Tree carries several types of body wash or shower gel. Some are name brand and some are lesser known brands. Others are Dollar Tree-exclusive brands. During a recent Dollar Tree run, I picked up a bottle of April Bath & Shower shower gel.

April Bath & Shower Vanilla & Cinnamon Scented Shower Gel

April Bath & Shower Vanilla & Cinnamon Scented Shower Gel cost $1.25 for a 10-ounce bottle, which comes out to about 13 cents per ounce. That’s not a bad deal. A 15-ounce bottle of Suave body wash cost about the same — roughly 12 cents per ounce — at Walmart at the time of publication, while large bottles of Suave body wash were a slightly better deal per ounce at about 11 cents per ounce. Softsoap body wash at Walmart cost about 20 cents per ounce, while Dove body wash at Walmart currently goes for about 29-32 cents per ounce depending on the bottle size. So, this Dollar Tree shower gel is on the cheaper side.

While it’s possible this DT shower gel might come in other scents, the only scent I found at my local store was Vanilla & Cinnamon.

April Bath & Shower is a Dollar Tree private label distributed by Greenbrier International, Inc., which is the company that operates Dollar Tree stores. This shower gel is made in China.

April Bath & Shower Vanilla & Cinnamon Scented Shower Gel

Ingredients. (Click to enlarge.)

The directions state to squeeze a small amount onto a wet cleansing puff or washcloth, work into a rich, creamy later, and massage all over your skin. Then rinse well.

As far as how this smells, I’m not all that impressed. Simply sniffing it in the bottle, it mostly smells like an inexpensive, nondescript cologne or perfume. If I really use my imagination, I can almost convince myself I’m smelling cinnamon. Once I put it on a washcloth, I thought it had a faint whiff of vanilla, but it mostly just smells like a perfumed or cologne-scented soap.

The bottle doesn’t have any special kind of pour spout or dispenser, so when you go to use this shower gel, it comes out of the bottle in a gelatinous blob, and it’s a bit hard to pour only a small amount because it tends to glob together. It certainly lives up to the “gel” part of the term “shower gel.” I was able to work it into a decent enough lather on a wet washcloth, but it’s not as sudsy as some other body washes I’ve used.

The Verdict:

April Bath & Shower Vanilla & Cinnamon Scented Shower Gel doesn’t really smell like vanilla or cinnamon. It’s more of a cologne-like scent. It can be a bit gloppy pouring out of the bottle, and it creates a mild to medium lather. It will get you clean, but if you’re looking for something with a great smell, this isn’t it.

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