Brim’s Movie Theater Butter Flavored Popcorn (Dollar Tree)

Utter the words “movie theater butter” and you’ve got my attention. In my mind, I can see (and smell) the moment where the concession worker at the theater fills the bag with popcorn, then pours that amazing and terrible butter into the bag. That butter transforms the popcorn into a heart attack-inducing, taste bud-exploding masterpiece. Napkins are most certainly required.

A lot of at-home popcorn claims to be movie theater butter. Most of it only exists as a pale imitation. That’s not a surprise, since most in-home popcorn is either of the microwaveable variety or the buy-it-by-the-bag kind. Still, it’s nice to dream that a company could come close enough to make Friday movie night in the living room feel a little like the real thing.

Among the popcorn options that claim to be “movie theater butter” is one sold by Brim’s Snacks, a Tennessee-based company that deals in what the name suggests it does: snack foods. Brim’s Snacks are sold at a variety of stores, including our local Dollar Tree. When I spotted the popcorn among some of the other Brim’s offerings at DT, I decided to take a flyer.

Brim’s Premium Popcorn costs $1.25 for a 6.5-ounce bag. That equates to about 19.2 cents an ounce. The bag notes that it is “gluten free” and is a product of the U.S.A. For those that are religiously inclined, there’s also a Bible verse (Isaiah 26:3) on the back.

The question that matters: does this taste like movie theater popcorn? It’s not exactly like what I’d get at the theater, but it’s not bad. And I think it’s a little better than the microwaveable stuff that claims to do the same. It’s definitely got a butter flavor, and the popcorn itself is likewise fluffy. It isn’t as 100% fresh as what you’d get at a theater, but it’s not stale either, as long as you don’t get something that’s expired. (And yes, it does have an expiration date on the front.

Nutritionally, it’s got a handful of ingredients, including popcorn, oil, salt, and artificial butter flavor. A 3-cup serving has some calories (170) along with a lot of fat (13g), a lot of sodium (380mg), and a fair amount of carbs (13g). This stuff isn’t great for you, especially if you’re on a heart healthy diet. So moderation, please.

Also, the bag warns it may contain unpopped kernels, so watch your teeth.

Nutrition and ingredients. (Click to enlarge.)

The Verdict:

If you’re looking for a true duplicate of movie theater butter popcorn, this isn’t quite it. But it’s close enough to be worth a try on movie night. Just don’t eat too much of it.

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  1. I bought Utz’s popcorn at Dollar Tree when it was $1 for a 4 oz. bag. When they made the bag 2.5 oz. I stopped. One day (when it was still 4 oz. I tried Brim’s and i thought it was borderline stale so I never bought it again until late last year when I was impressed as to how fresh it was. I was buying it every so often until the end of Spring when it was almost stale again so that was the end. Then just recently I had a thought. What if Brim’s popcorn is not stored (before bagging) in a humidity controlled environment? Then it would be fresh in the drier months and not so fresh in the higher humidity months. I just bought some yesterday and was the same as what i bought late Spring. I won’t buy it again until the end of the year to test my theory. I wonder if anyone could verify my idea?

  2. The Brimms popcorn is my favorite premade but you gotta check the expiration date.

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