Nature’s House Dry Roasted Peanuts (Dollar Tree)

Last Updated on July 29, 2019

One of my pet projects has been trying different brands of peanuts. My favorite peanuts are the roasted salted peanuts in a shell, but in the absence of those, dry roasted peanuts in a plastic container are fine. (Honey roasted peanuts are okay, too.)

Dollar Tree sells a little bit of everything, including dry roasted peanuts.

Nature's House Dry Roasted Peanuts (Dollar Tree)

Nature’s House Dry Roasted Peanuts come in a 7.5-ounce clear plastic container. Like everything at Dollar Tree, they cost $1. That comes out to about 13.3 cents an ounce. The overall price isn’t bad, although you can do slightly better other places: Dollar General currently sells 16-ounce Clover Valley Dry Roasted Peanuts for $2, while Aldi sells 16-ounce Southern Grove Dry Roasted Salted Peanuts for the same price. Both of those options are 12.5 cents an ounce.

So while the Dollar Tree peanuts are a little cheaper overall by virtue of being a smaller package, they’re slightly more per ounce compared to some other stores.

The real test for me is taste, and on that front the Dollar Tree peanuts are among the more forgettable peanuts I’ve ever tried. They’re not precisely bad, but they don’t have the seasoning that other peanuts do. They’re simply salty, and not necessarily even in a ballpark peanut kind of way. Dollar General peanuts are better, and Aldi peanuts are much better.

Nutritionally, the Dollar Tree peanuts are pretty comparable to other peanuts. They have almost exactly the same amount of calories (160), fat (14g), and sodium (170mg) per one-ounce serving as other peanuts I’ve tested. So this lesser taste doesn’t even translate into better health.

Nature's House Dry Roasted Peanuts (Dollar Tree)

Nutrition and ingredients. Click to enlarge.

The Verdict:

Nature’s House Dry Roasted Peanuts do get props for being one of the cheaper options–in terms of total price–that you’ll find out there short of getting one of those tiny Planters bags in the checkout lane. But its per ounce price is actually a little higher than some other places. More importantly, these are pretty forgettable in terms of taste. If you’re really into peanuts, you’re probably better off looking elsewhere, like your local Dollar General or, if you’re lucky, a local Aldi.

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