Halloween Costumes at Dollar Tree

When I think about store-bought Halloween costumes, a few retailers come to mind: big box stores such as Target or Walmart, pop-up stores such as Spirit Halloween, and, of course, thrift stores such as Goodwill or The Salvation Army. Even Aldi sells some costume pieces including masks and union suits. But how about dollar stores? And what about that deepest of discount dollar stores, Dollar Tree?

Yes, Dollar Tree, where everything costs $1.25, actually does sell a limited number of Halloween costumes. This makes sense because Dollar Tree also sells various Halloween decorations and general fall decorations.

Halloween costumes at Dollar Tree 8

My local Dollar Tree print ad.

My local Dollar Tree ad shows some nearly full costumes including lady bug or bee costumes that include a tutu, wings, and headband and fairy princess costumes with wings, skirts, and light-up wands. The ad also displays three-piece costume kits with headband, bow tie, and tail for, say, a devil, where all you need to do is find a red shirt and pants to finish the look. I also spotted light-up pirate and ninja masks and glow-in-the-dark accessories such as swords, wands, and tridents.

After the ad caught my attention, I decided to venture out to my nearest Dollar Tree store to see what I could find. Unfortunately, I didn’t find some of the components for those full costumes at my local store. Maybe some larger Dollar Tree stores a little farther away might have some of the more popular advertised products, or maybe those have already sold out, with Halloween being not that far away at this point.

But I did find some costume pieces in my local Dollar Tree. What I found qualified more as costume accessories that you could potentially use to build a more complete costume. Still, if you’re in need of a quick and easy costume for school, work, a party, or trick or treating, the dollar store does have some inexpensive options.

Here’s a look at what I found at my local Dollar Tree.

Sesame Street, Animal Face Masks, and Feather Boas:

Halloween costumes at Dollar Tree

Princess headbands and masks, felt Sesame Street character masks, felt animal masks, and pastel feather boas.

Dollar Tree sells several different kinds of felt face masks, including Sesame Street characters such as Bert, Ernie, and Oscar. They also have animal felt face masks, including a lion, cheetah, racoon, tiger, and fox. Pair the big cat masks with orange or yellow pants and a shirt for a complete costume, or wear orange or red with the fox mask or a combination of gray and black with the raccoon mask. You could also wear green pants and a green shirt with the Oscar mask or wear multi-colored striped shirts with the Bert and Ernie masks for a full costume.

I also spotted pastel feather boas that could be paired with a unicorn or fairy headband, a fancy dress, or other components for a full costume.

Light-Up Masks and Animal Nose Masks:

Halloween costumes at Dollar Tree

Light-up cat and unicorn masks, dinosaur nose masks, and felt shark masks.

Dollar Tree has light-up cat and unicorn masks, plastic animal nose masks, and (as the photo above indicates) additional felt masks that include a shark. Similar to the other masks at Dollar Tree, these can be paired with simple clothing for a full costume. Wear gray pants and shirt with the shark mask, or black pants and shirt with the light-up cat mask. The plastic animal masks are hard to make out, but I think they’re dinosaurs.

More Masks, Plus Princess Headbands and Silly Glasses:

Halloween costumes at Dollar Tree

Silly glasses with noses/mustaches, dinosaur nose masks, felt animal masks, and princess crown headbands.

Here are more dinosaur plastic noses in various colors, along with felt masks that look like hippos and sharp-toothed whales. Simply pair complementary clothing colors with the animal masks to finish your costume. Dollar Tree also has silly plastic glasses with eyebrows, nose, and mustache for a classic gag costume. I also found pink princess headbands with “crowns” on top, perfect for pairing with a dress-up dress for a complete outfit.

More Light-Up Masks:

Halloween costumes at Dollar Tree

Light-up masks and more Sesame Street character felt masks.

I’m not sure exactly these pink light-up masks are supposed to be, but they might make a fun addition to a princess costume.

Fake Mustaches:

Halloween costumes at Dollar Tree

Fake mustaches with adhesive.

I also discovered random seven-packs of fake mustaches with adhesive at Dollar Tree. I don’t know how well they stay in place, but these look hilarious.

Unicorn Headbands:

Halloween costumes at Dollar Tree

Unicorn headbands.

Pair these with white pants and shirt, or even a pair of pants and shirt in complementary colors for an easy unicorn costume. Even better if you have a tutu or skirt to go with the headband.

Day of the Dead Masks:

Halloween costumes at Dollar Tree

Day of the Dead masks.

Dollar Tree also has colorful Day of the Dead masks among their other Day of the Dead decorations if you want to celebrate this Mexican holiday that falls on November 1 and 2.

What costumes or costume pieces have you bought at Dollar Tree? Were you lucky enough to find full costumes at Dollar Tree? Share with us in the comments below. 

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