OT Revolution Men’s Slippers (Dollar General)

I’ve had some generally lousy luck with Dollar General clothing, mostly because it often runs small. I tried a pair of jeans, for example, that were too tight to be wearable. I also tried a pair of slip-on shoes, that, sadly enough, were also too tight. I’ve worn the same jeans size and shoe size for a long time now, and I’ve never had the kinds of fit issues I’ve had with DG jeans and shoes.

When I saw Dollar General also sold slippers, I approached them with some trepidation. Part of that was due to my previous experiences with DG clothes, but I’ve also had bad luck at times with slippers from other companies, including Aldi.

Despite all of that, I decided to give the DG slippers a try.

DT Revolution Men's Slippers (Dollar General)

OT Revolution Men’s Slippers are a Dollar General exclusive. OT Revolution is a DG trademark, and the slippers are distributed by Old East Main Co., a Dollar General company. Slipper prices in the store can vary, but at the time of this post I paid $7.50 for the pair I got, which is pretty cheap. The tag says they’re made in China.

DT Revolution Men's Slippers (Dollar General)

The instructions indicate they should not be bleached, should be dried flat, and should be machine washed on the gentle cycle.

DT Revolution Men's Slippers (Dollar General)

These slippers were, surprisingly, comfortable for me. It didn’t hurt that I wear size 9 and I got 9-10 slippers, but I’ve been burned before on two-size slippers, so I was pleasantly surprised to see my feet weren’t cramped. The slippers are easy to put on, are soft and comfortable inside, and feel warm. The sole has enough texture to reduce the risk of slipping on hard floors.

My slippers rarely last long — if I get 2 years out of one pair, I’m doing well. Time will tell how long these last, but at least at the outset they seem to fit the bill as a pair of slippers for around the house.

The Verdict:

Dollar General slippers aren’t bad. They are easy to put on, are soft and warm, and seem suitable for padding around the house. I also found the fit to be fine, something I can’t always say for DG clothing. It’s too early to know how long they’ll last, but for this price it may not be the most important factor.

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