OT Revolution Men’s Shoes (Dollar General)

Last Updated on March 13, 2022

I’ve mostly had bad luck with store brand shoes. I’ve had fails with both Target and Walmart footwear, and only marginally better luck with non-name brand department store shoes. When it comes to what I put on my feet, more often than not, I get what I pay for.

In that context, buying shoes from a dollar store would seem a recipe for disaster. And yet I’m sure many people walk by those budget shoes wondering if they’re any good. I certainly have. And so recently I decided to test drive a pair from Dollar General.

DT Revolution Shoes

OT Revolution Men’s Shoes are a Dollar General exclusive. distributed by Old East Main Co., a DG company. OT Revolution is a DG trademark. The tag indicates that the shoes are made in China and are made entirely of man-made materials. Dollar General shoes vary in price; at the time of this post, this particular pair cost $15.

According to the care instructions, these should not be bleached, should be dried flat, and should be machine washed on the gentle cycle.

DT Revolution Shoes

I found the shoes to be too small. I’ve worn the same shoe size since I was a teenager, so I have an idea of what my shoe size might feel like. These were the tightest shoes I’ve ever worn that claimed to be my size, and given all the other places where I’ve bought shoes from, that’s saying something. The toe was right up against the end of the shoe; there was no give there.

This, unfortunately, is not the first time I’ve found Dollar General clothing to be too small — I had the same issue with¬†Mission Ridge Denim Jeans.

DT Revolution Shoes

The shoe was otherwise okay. The “Actionflex” padding was okay enough; I don’t know how it would hold up under long use, but it doesn’t feel terrible. The shoes are certainly easy enough to slip into, if speed is a consideration. And while they won’t win any awards for their looks, they’re also not the most hideous pair of shoes I’ve ever seen. Outside of sizing, they’re serviceable enough for basic use.

The Verdict:

My pair of OT Revolution Men’s Shoes turned out to be a disappointment. While they look okay, slip on okay, and have adequate foot padding, they simply run too small … a problem I’ve had with some other DG apparel. If I had it to do over again, I’d probably get a size up. As it is, I’ll be taking them back because my toes can’t survive in these.

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