When is the Best Day of the Week to Go to Dollar General?

Most people decide when to go shopping based on a few factors. Immediate need is one: if you’re low on something and need it now (or soon), you might swing by the store to pick it up. Another factor is convenience: you might find it easier to shop before or after work than at other times of the day. Everyone’s schedule is different.

Not everyone has the luxury to pick and choose when to go shopping, especially for necessities. In many cases, the shopping time sort of chooses us. Still, it’s probably helpful to think of what times are best to shop at certain places.

Take Dollar General. It’s the largest dollar store chain in the United States, with locations in both urban and rural areas. In many cases, the average DG shopper goes to the store when they have to. But if you have some flexibility in your schedule, there actually is a “best day” to go to Dollar General.

That day is Saturday.


This is why:

Every Saturday, Dollar General advertises a $5 off $25 coupon. For those keeping score, that’s 20% off your purchase. Not a bad deal, right?

Of course, there are some restrictions. You can only use it in-store, for example. It’s not valid online. For another, it doesn’t typically stack with other Dollar General coupons, although manufacturer’s coupons would apply. And to get it you also have to total up $25 in pre-tax products; you can’t count on sales tax to push you over the $25 threshold.

There’s also a risk in going on Saturday. The DG ad takes effect on Sunday, which means by the following Saturday it is possible that certain hot-ticket items might be sold out. If you’re looking for a seasonal item that you think might sell out quickly, you might not want to wait that long.

But Dollar General isn’t exactly Aldi, so you might be able wait more easily than if you were trying to score something from the German grocer’s famed middle aisle.

That’s why, in most cases, Saturday is the day you’ll end up saving the most money, especially if you’re going to spend $25 or more.

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