Does Dollar Tree Sell Gift Cards?

Gift cards are the ultimate present for people who are hard to buy for. Maybe your intended recipient is someone who “has everything.” Perhaps, you have an upcoming workplace gift exchange, or maybe you’re buying for a neighbor or teacher and you don’t know the person well enough to be confident about what they like. These are all times when gift cards make the ideal gift. They’re some of the most customizable gifts out there, allowing you to choose the store and the dollar amount.

When we think of gift cards, we might think of obvious retailers such as Target, Amazon, or Walmart. Or we might rattle off a list of popular restaurants from McDonald’s (budget friendly) to Starbucks to Red Lobster or P.F. Chang’s (on the pricier side). We might even think about practical gift cards to grocery stores such as Aldi.

If you’re buying gift cards for people, especially if you’re looking to give a smaller gift of, say, $5 to $25, don’t overlook the value of gift cards from dollar stores. If you want to get the most bang for your buck, a simple gift card to Dollar Tree can offer a recipient an opportunity to score a lot of small items including snacks, toiletries, greeting cards, or party supplies.

Dollar Tree sells gift cards in a variety of designs, and Dollar Tree gift cards are available in any value $5 and up.

Does Dollar Tree Sell Gift Cards?

Where Can I Buy Dollar Tree Gift Cards?

At our local Dollar Tree, gift cards are stocked in or near the checkout aisles. Simply grab one and let the cashier know how much money you want to put on it. Cards come in several designs, including holidays or standard everyday designs.

You can also purchase Dollar Tree gift cards from their website. Dollar Tree’s website states you can choose your design and dollar amount, and they will mail your gift cards to your chosen recipients for free.

Can I Buy Dollar Tree Gift Cards in Bulk?

If you’re buying for a group of people for an event or organization — perhaps to show your employees some appreciation — Dollar Tree can help you with a large gift card order. Their website says to call Customer Order Support at 1-877-530-TREE (8733) for personalized service when ordering 20 or more gift cards.

Can I Use my Dollar Tree Gift Card to Pay for an Online Order?

We haven’t tried it yet, but it appears that you can use a Dollar Tree gift card to pay for an online order from Dollar Tree. You should be able to enter the gift card number during checkout.

How Can I Check My Dollar Tree Gift Card Balance?

Dollar Tree’s website states you can check your gift card balance at any store register, or you can call the phone number on the back of your gift card.

Does Dollar Tree Sell Gift Cards?

Does Dollar Tree Sell Gift Cards for Other Stores?

Based on what we’ve seen at our local Dollar Tree stores, Dollar Tree does not appear to sell gift cards for other stores such as other retailers, restaurants, online stores, gas stations, etc. They also do not appear to sell gift cards for Visa, Mastercard, etc.

If you want to buy third party gift cards for other retailers, try the other dollar stores — Dollar General and Family Dollar — where we’ve had good luck finding gift cards for restaurants and other stores.


You can purchase gift cards at Dollar Tree for use in store, and you should also be able to use them when making purchases on Dollar Tree’s website. Gift cards are for sale in stores or on Dollar Tree’s website, and you can put any dollar amount on them from $5 up. If you’re buying 20 or more gift cards, you can make a bulk order by calling the customer service number on Dollar Tree’s website. Card balances can be checked in store or by calling the phone number on the back of the card. At this time, Dollar Tree does not sell gift cards for other retailers, restaurants, gas stations, etc.

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