Strong and Soft Bath Tissue (Dollar Tree)

Last Updated on February 15, 2022

Dollar Tree has long been known as the store where you can get everything for $1. While that price is going up to $1.25, the store is still a fascinating place to go if you’re trying to see what’s available at a single price, whether it’s a necessity or a luxury.

Toilet paper is pretty much a necessity. You could *technically* get by with something else — and humans did for eons — but in this day and age it’s pretty much something you need to have to tend to regular human functions. Many retailers, from big box stores down to gas stations, sell toilet paper. The same goes for dollar stores. We’ve already looked at TP from Dollar General, and here we’ll talk a look at its counterpart at Dollar Tree.

Strong and Soft Toilet Paper

Strong and Soft Bath Tissue is a Dollar Tree exclusive. When I bought it, the 4-roll pack was $1. At 106.7 total square feet, that comes out to $0.0093 per square foot. That’s on par with Dollar General toilet paper and is on the low end of prices per square foot I’ve seen compared to other stores. If the bath tissue goes up to $1.25, it would come out to $0.0117 per square foot: not as cheap, but still a pretty low price.

I’ve learned that sometimes you get what you pay for with bottom-price toilet paper, but this Dollar Tree TP is better than I anticipated. It’s not the thickest tissue I’ve used, but it’s thick enough. And it’s actually pretty soft, which is something I can’t say about Dollar General’s bargain bath tissue or the institutional single-ply stuff Aldi sells.

Strong and Soft Toilet Paper

The Verdict:

Strong and Soft Bath Tissue is a decent option if you’re in Dollar Tree and you need some toilet paper. The price is competitive, the texture is soft, and it’s thick enough, if not the thickest. The fact that you can get a good per square foot cost with only buying a small number is also a plus.

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  1. The Dollar Tree tissues and paper towels are some of the worst I’ve ever tried, but I too was really surprised with the TP – it’s plenty thick. And I like that it’s less linty than other brands. The price at $1.25 is unbeatable for almost 1000 sheets. That’s about what Scott charges for their awful 1000 sheet roll. And this is Made in USA, unlike 90% of things in a Dollar Tree.

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