Tzumi Wall Clock (Dollar General)

When an old secondhand clock on my living room wall stopped working recently, I decided to see what wall clock options some of my local dollar stores had. I didn’t have the highest hopes of finding something suitable for a living room. I thought I’d mostly find cheap-looking plastic wall clocks like what you might hang in a dorm room. However, the clock selection at Dollar General was not bad.

When I went clock shopping at the dollar store, I still found plenty of plastic wall clocks, but I was surprised at how good some of them looked. I ended up buying one with a gray faux-wood type of finish.

Tzumi Wall Clock

This Tzumi Wall Clock cost $6.50 at Dollar General at the time of publication. That’s less than most other wall clocks on the market. It’s an analog/quartz clock that measures 11 inches in diameter and is 1.67 inches deep. It was made in China and requires one AA battery, which is not included.

Tzumi is a manufacturer of various technological gadgets from wireless charging alarm clocks to lighting to portable mini fridges and even robot vacuums. You’ll find different products under this brand in many major retailers throughout the U.S., including Walmart, Target, Macy’s, Best Buy, Home Depot, and even Nordstrom. I even bought Tzumi-branded wirless stereo earbuds at Aldi earlier this year

This clock is easy to use. To set the time, turn the knob on the back in either direction until the hour and minute hands reflect the correct time.

The box also includes directions for cleaning your clock. To clean it, wipe with a soft dry cloth. Never use chemical solutions or corrosive cleaners. Remember to remove the batteries before storing the clock for extended periods of time, as old batteries can damage the unit.

Tzumi Wall Clock

So far, this clock is working fine and seems to keep time accurately. I’ll update this post if that changes. It does make a quiet ticking noise when running, so keep that in mind if you plan to use this clock in a bedroom where it might bother someone trying to sleep. It’s not the fanciest clock for a living room, but looks decent and it is economical and budget friendly.

The Verdict:

The Tzumi Wall Clock from Dollar General looks good everywhere from a bedroom to a living area to an office. This particular clock looks like wood but is actually made of lightweight plastic. It’s working well so far, and it will hopefully last for several years.

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  1. “Dollar” Stores, huh? Back in the day it used to be “Five and Dime” or just “Dime Stores” Anyway, this clock is probably better looking than the one I found at Ikea: But Ikea’s is less than half the price, and since Ikea stores are few and far between, shipping is $5.99. Buy two and it’s still cheaper.

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