Brim’s Cheese Balls (Dollar Tree)

Last Updated on July 9, 2023

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One of the most evil — and I emphasize evil — snack foods is cheese balls. They often come in these huge plastic (for lack of a better word) barrels, so there are too many of them. They taste just good enough to be worth eating. Worst of all, they are just small enough individually to make you think you can eat more than you should.

Just to recap: huge quantities, decent taste, deceptive calorie and fat count. Evil.

Brim’s Snacks is a company out of Tennessee that ships its snack foods to a number of different stores. One of those stores is Dollar Tree, and one of those snacks is cheese balls.

Brim's Cheese Balls

Brim’s Cheese Balls come in a big 11-ounce bag. (No plastic barrel here.) Like nearly everything in Dollar Tree, the bag costs $1.25. That comes out to about 11.3 cents an ounce. For comparison, Utz Cheese Balls, which are one of the more recognizable cheese ball brands, run closer to 24 cents an ounce on Amazon and at Walmart. Other brands like Planter’s Cheez Balls run more than that. So from a price point perspective, Brim’s is one of the cheapest I can find, both per ounce and in total price.

Nutritionally, you would expect these to be bad for you, and they are. One ounce of these will run you 150 calories, 10g of fat, 250mg of sodium, and 14g of carbs. The bag says they contain real cheese, but don’t expect to find more than a little bit of calcium here. That also means these contain milk.

Brim's Cheese Balls

Nutrition information and ingredients. (Click to enlarge.)

You sort of accept that these aren’t great for you, so the question is, how do they taste?

Brim's Cheese Balls

The answer is: like most other cheese balls, which is to say they’re decent, if not great. The cheese flavor is there, and the balls are both airy and suitably crunchy. Cheese balls aren’t a gourmet food, but as far as cheese puffs go these are adequate enough.

The Verdict:

Brim’s Cheese Balls are one of the better options out there I’ve found for cheese balls. They’re inexpensive, both per ounce and in total, and the taste is on par with many other versions I’ve had over the years. They don’t come in a giant plastic barrel, but if you can live with that and you need cheese balls, these might be worth a look.

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