Dollar Store Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is coming. (In 2023, it’s on Sunday, May 14th.) Maybe you have planned the perfect Mother’s Day celebration and have already purchased any cards or gifts you plan to give to your mother, grandmother, sister, spouse, daughter, or other special relative or friend. If you’re still shopping or wondering what to give the special woman or women in your life, and especially if you’re on a budget, dollar stores can be surprisingly good places to buy inexpensive Mother’s Day gifts.

Whether you’re going to Dollar Tree, Dollar General, or Family Dollar (or even Five Below), here are a few last-minute gift ideas.

Greeting Cards

Dollar Tree Cards

Dollar Tree greeting cards.

This one is obvious. Even if you don’t get her anything else, a Mother’s Day card is always going to be appreciated. I prefer to buy cards at Dollar Tree where they’re usually just 50 cents each. Family Dollar and Dollar General offer similar deals on greeting cards. After I discovered how affordable cards are at dollar stores, I’ve never gone back to buying them at big box stores or drugstores.


Catawba Gummy Bears

You could spend more money on name brand chocolate or other candy, but you can get some decent candy at dollar stores. These stores all offer name brand candy. Family Dollar also sells good gummy bears under one of its private labels, and I like the peach rings at Dollar Tree. DT also has some surprisingly good private label chocolate and chocolate/nut options. Pair one of these candy packs with a pretty greeting card and you have a thoughtful, simple gift perfect for those on a budget. I always like consumable gifts like this that can be used up or eaten and don’t contribute to clutter in my house.


Dollar Store Mother's Day gift ideas

Most of the dollar stores sell latex balloons. You might even find some helium balloons, although some of our local dollar stores are not selling helium balloons currently due to a helium shortage.

Gardening Supplies

Dollar Tree Gardening Products

Seed packets at Dollar Tree.

This time of year, all of the dollar stores — from Family Dollar to Dollar Tree to Dollar General — are overflowing with gardening supplies, which also make great gifts for Mother’s Day. I’ve purchased seed packets, mini greenhouses, fairy garden supplies, and more from dollar stores. Whether you’re just looking for some pretty garden decorations for mom or you want to give some serious gardening gear like gloves and spades, dollar stores have something for you.

Home Décor

Wall art from Family Dollar.

I used to tell my family that shopping at dollar stores was like shopping at a poor man’s Target. Their home goods and décor aisles stock items that can often be just as trendy and appealing as the pricier products in big box stores. Over the years, I’ve purchased attractive lamps (even one shaped like the Eiffel Tower), wall clocks, wall art, pretty storage baskets, seasonal decorations, and more at dollar stores. Give the home décor aisle a look and you might find something for mom.

Candles or Wax Melts

Luminessence Scented Wax Melts

They’re not my favorite brand, but some people swear by the wax melts that Dollar Tree sells. You can also find affordable candles in a variety of scents and sizes at any of the dollar stores. Unless there are concerns about allergies or air quality, most moms — and most women — like candles. Give a candle or wax melts with some balloons or candy for an easy gift that’s a winner.

Tea or Coffee

Smart and Simple Tagless Tea Bags

Who doesn’t appreciate a boost of caffeine to start the day? Did you know you can get coffee and tea at the dollar stores? We tried the private label black tea from Dollar General, and it’s decent. Serve it hot or iced.


Oven Baked Fudge Mint Cookies (Dollar Tree)

Dollar Tree Thin Mints.

Everyone likes Girl Scout cookies, but Girl Scout cookies are not available year round. That’s where dollar stores come in. Get mom some Thin Mint knockoff fudge mint cookies from Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, or Dollar General. Or pick up some Tagalong knockoff fudge covered peanut butter cookies from Dollar General or Family Dollar. Pair them with tea or coffee and a greeting card for a great gift. Your mom will thank you.

Exercise Gear

Series 8 Fitness Universal Active Armband

The dollar stores sometimes have small fitness accessories. Also, while it feels a bit different compared to the dollar stores, Five Below has an excellent array of affordable fitness gear including small weights, kettle bells, yoga mats, resistance bands, and more. I’ve purchased armbands and waistbands from Five Below for holding a phone, house key, etc. while running or walking. If mom is looking to get active this year, check the dollar stores, including Five Below.

Craft Supplies

Craft supplies at Dollar Tree

If mom likes to craft, get her some craft supplies at the dollar store. Dollar Tree in particular has a large craft aisle with paints, scrapbooking gear, yarn, crochet hooks, sewing supplies, cross stitch, embroidery, beads, complete craft kits, and more.

Books or Movies

Dollar General Books 1

Some of the DG book collection.

It’s not the first place you might look — and I wouldn’t recommend it for new releases — but some of the dollar stores do carry a limited selection of books and movies. I’ve spotted books at Dollar General and Dollar Tree, and I’ve seen movies at Dollar Tree. I can’t guarantee they’ll be great quality or in the genres you’re looking for, but it can be worth a look if you’re buying a gift for someone who likes to read or watch movies.

Gift Cards

Does Dollar Tree Sell Gift Cards?

Last but certainly not least, you cannot go wrong with giving a gift card. You can give gift cards to a dollar store, or some of the dollar stores such as Dollar General sell a variety of gift cards to other places, including big box retailers and restaurants. Gift cards are always a nice way for the recipient to choose whatever they’d like.

Have you purchased Mother’s Day gifts or cards from the dollar stores? What did you get? Let us know in the comments. 

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  1. I love the Dollar Tree.
    Just today I stopped in to get Father’s Day cards, and spent less than twenty dollars getting cards, tissue paper, gift bags, some snacks to go along with the gifts, ( and for me)!
    I’ll probably make a cake or cupcakes, so I bought sprinkles.
    Then I saw some sunglasses that I just had to have…

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